There's something quite discomforting about a bachelor pad with empty walls. I realize that you've just moved out, and you might not have acquired an art collection of original prints, but you need to do something about all that blank space.

Mom may have sent you on your way with a velvet Elvis or one of those really sad clowns, but do you really want to hang up that family portrait of great grandma in her frock? I think not.

The easiest, cheapest solution to filling up the vast open space on your walls is to paint a mural. Well, maybe not so easy if you're not an artist, and your artist friends all work in 3D imaging. But have you considered inviting your friends over for a spray-paint party?

Graffiti painting is a valid form of art, and it's cheaper and more exciting than wallpapering, or faux-painting (bleh). Get six of your friends over (they can bring their own beer), and ask them each to bring two cans of spray paint. Tell them they can do whatever they want on the walls, as long as it's expressive, and preferrably within reasonable tastes (in case the parents drop in for a visit). You'll be surprised how much fun you can have, while at the same time replacing your drab walls with something exciting and new.

The only thing I can recommend is to keep your windows and sliding doors open, because ventilation is the key here. Throw some newspapers and sheets over your furniture (unless your furniture is already draped in sheets), and put aside anything that reacts poorly to paint (such as your computer monitor, or your hamster).

If spray painting your bachelor abode is a little too extreme for you, and I admit, it does take a smidge of planning, you can always cover your walls with cheap movie posters (ask the Blockbuster guy), magazine cut-outs, or nylon flags. Street signs are another great alternative because they take up a lot of space--just don't get caught. Overall, you'll be surprised how a bunch of unconnected crap can turn your walls into a collage of great significance.

Do it gradually so it doesn't seem like work, and before you know it, your place will look like an arftist's tapestry.
Just don't ask me how to deal with the landlord or the damage deposit, because it hasn't come to that yet.

Eventually, when you're married and living in a model home, you know that your wife or husband will never let you have any fun with the walls, so enjoy these moment s while you can, because you're not going to be a bachelor forever. Stay single!

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