So hello again.In this era of my life,i really need true friends.I really really need them.And i will try to find them from here because WeHearIt is,really kind and happy place for me and i think people from here are so cute and friendly.

My name is Lyra.I am almost seventeen years old.I am bisexual and right now i am very very single lol.I love animals so much they make me so happy.I am a fandom girl and i have a fandom blog on tumblr.
I love making new friends.I love poetry,learning new things,horror movies,Autumn etc.
And also i am Atheist.So please don't message me if you are hate people who are non-religious and people who are bisexual etc etc.

I am in high school and after one year,i will finish it.And i will study English Literature And Language in uni and hopefully become an English teacher.

I love all countries of the world so please don't be shy and message me <3
Have a great week <3