Heeeyy, this is my first article here on weheartit. Hope you enjoy. This is my goals for 2018, hopefully I will inspire some of u too. x

number 1; eating healthier

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how I plan on eating healthier;

  • stay hydrated; (will help you reduce cravings and feel fuller)
  • stay away from soda
  • stop eating any junkfood
  • forgive myself if I slip up

number 2; get better/clear skin

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how I plan on getting better skin;

  • wash my face everyday
  • use less / no make
  • use a facemask once a week
  • stay hydrated (this really helps)

number 3; get better grades in school

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how I plan on getting better grades;

  • study extra on things I'm unsure about
  • take study breaks (not on the phone)
  • stay motivated and inspire myself
  • be organized

number 4; work out more

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how I plan on working out more;

  • find something that makes working out fun
  • forgive myself if I slip up
  • make a workout plan
  • balance food & fitness
  • just do it :)

number 5; save more money

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how I plan on saving more money;

  • stop buying things I dont need
  • pack lunch instead of buying
  • shop at thrift stores
  • meet friends for coffee not dinner

Thank you for reading I hope this inspired some of you to try the same thing.

stay motivated x

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