I love that there has been so many competitions on whi lately to give more people recognition so thank you to @HeyMyNameIsYasmin for making this amazing competition!♡

I've been on weheartit for a little bit over a year now. When I had just found out about it I mostly used it to find images for my instagram that matched with my theme. I later started to upload pictures and I started getting likes and followers. My goal at the time was to have over 10k hearts because all the big accounts I looked up to had that many hearts.

The reason why I want to win this competition is because I have always wanted to inspire others and have a platform and a voice to spread positivity and love because I think the world needs more of that. I also want to inspire other people through pictures and collections, that has always been one of my goals. I'm also active on whi and I post and heart images everyday♡

When articles became a new feature I was so excited since I used to love writing, everyone around me thought that I was going to be a writer when I grow up. A few years ago I stopped writing and reading completely and a while before articles was released I started getting into writing and reading again. The articles feature also helped me with getting inspiration to write. I started to write articles and my first one got a lot of recognition but as more people started writing articles my articles would get lost in the crowd and I felt discouraged. I still don't have as much motivation to write and I would like to get more recognition, that would really help me to get motivation again. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous that getting hearts on my articles would encourage me to write again but I guess that's the truth.

Whi is also my escape from reality since I'm going through a lot now irl but going on here always inspires me, motivates me and makes me happy because it's such a happy and positive community. I have never really won a competition before but I don't want to give up.

I tried making this short but I failed haha, I hope it's not to boring to read
have a wonderful day!<33♡


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