Lately I've been thinking a lot about running away. To flee from the city, from society, from capitalism, from consumerism.

Everything has seemed so planned (not by ourselves) and superficial, you spend your life studying, graduate and study more, graduate again and work, work, work. I wonder when I'm going to live for real? When will my life really start? It seems to me that this is a waste of time if by the end of this cycle another cycle begins and you never really get there, where you see yourself full.

But the dependence that capitalism created has made us slaves of that same life that does not bring us happiness. But we are led to believe that having the newest and most advanced phone is what we really want. When in reality (at least for me) my happiness would be fulfilled if I could untie it all and live the nature, see the world.

I confess that there is still an internal struggle in me trying to get rid of this unhappy dependence, to drop everything and escape ...