Dear Yasmin,
thank you so much for this opportunity. I'm eternally grateful...

Why Us

Nope, I am not asking you to choose an entire group of people. And that's not a typo, either.

I created this account not for myself only. Of course I love being here and receiving tons of inspiration. But I am here for US - the hearters who sometimes get lost.

We are the souls who seek for better. We are the ones who smile brightest but fight the most difficult battles.

I am here to make a change, in the name of those who never received much support.
By choosing me, you offer me the immense opportunity to make my words heard.

heart, stars, and reach image

My purpose here is supporting people by showing them the beauty of life and how talented, wonderful and powerful they are! I am here to listen and ALWAYS, ALWAYS care.

I'll make sure to infuse my posts with encouraging elixir and sprinkle some positivity and motivation on each of them. Here's my collection of homemade happiness:

Dear Yasmin, I believe in my cause, do you believe in me?

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