Studying is just as important as exhausting. After spending the whole day in school, no one has the motivation to sit down in front of the books again. Here are some tips how to make it easier.

Take a little break before studying

After you get home don't waste your time too much, but take a short break. Eat something, read the news, chat with your family, or just take a nap. Be sure to answer your messages, e-mail, texts, so they won't distract you later.

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Organize your homework

Write down all the essays you need to write, poems you need to memorize, maths examples you need to solve, history dates you need to memorize. After, decide what you'll do first, next and last. Be sure all the books and notes you need are within reach.

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No distractions

If you know you won't be able to resist checking your messages/your favorite celeb's posts on Instagram, switch off your phone. Even better, give it to someone (e.g. your parents) ans ask them not to give it back until you've finished studying. If you need your laptop for studying, start with findig the information, saving them and then turn off the wifi. Only switch it back on if you need more information. Also, for some people music helps focusing, but it bothers others. Make sure to only play music if it doesn't distract you, and don't listen to your favorite sing-along songs, instead classical/electronic/calming music.

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Study cards

You can buy cut some cards out of paper yourself. On one side write a question/keyword, on the other the answer. This way you can question yourself.

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Use highlighters, colorful pens, post-its

The more the merrier. Highlight the important thing, keywords, write your notes on post-its and put them in your book, write the titles with different colors in your notebook. It's important to find your own way of studying.

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Have drinks/snacks around you

Leaving your time every time when you're thirsty or hungry takes away a lot of them. Make sure to have a bottle of water and some snacks around you. But it's better to have for example, popcorn, some chocolate, berries etc. than a sandwich or pizza slice, because they are easier to eat while focusing on your work.

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Take breaks

Every 60 minutes take 10 minutes break, while you can go to the toilet, check your messages, get some fresh air. It will boost your brain.

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Don't stress too much

Just sit down and do it. I know it's hard and maybe boring, but you can do this.