"We don't create a fantasy world to escape reality. We create it to be able to stay." Lynda Barry

Dear you,

I am pretty sure that sometimes reality is for you too a burden too heavy to carry. There's a point in our daily life when we feel the need to turn it off, even just for an hour.
Not only because it feels good to escape the reality, but because it is easier to carry every problem if we forget about them for a little while. Don't you think ?

For my #Day19 of my my #20Days Get to know me challenge, I thought I could give you what helps me get away from my reality, my burdens, my daily life...

TV Series
I chose to talk about two series I'm currently obsessed with Victoria ( and with so many other shows like Outlander for instance)

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Not only does Jenna Coleman is beautiful but her acting is mesmerizing, inspirational, and she pictures Queen Victoria in a wonderful and true way !
What I like about the serie is the internal view we have of the royalty, the royal household and things we couldn't have known otherwise !
The thing is, we have to understand that the serie isn't entirely true to History but What I can assure you is : the acting from every actors on the serie is truly unique, I fell for all of them, maybe a little too much since I'm still sad about the season 2 finale...

Favorite song

Girls like you by The Naked and Famous is the embodiement of escape for me. The rhythm of the song is printed on my soul and I don't ever want to get rid of it !

Imagine yourself driving during the night, or sitting in the car during the night. You're on that road where every cars around you, every people in those are feeling the same... They just want to escape, to get away from everything which brings them down, and ride the whole night, knowing that the end of the road doesn't matter because they are here and now while the world is alseep and nothing else matters...

This is the kind of song which makes you feel free from every burden, free to do what you always desired to do and you have less than five minutes to enjoy this feeling, but it doesn't matter right ? Because once a song penetrated your soul, its rhythm will forever be printed on it...

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Favorite Book

I was going to write about my favorite book before realising that I've already wrote an article about my favorite book which happened to be also one of my favorite movie : The Great Gatsby so if you want to read about how I see the book be sure to check out my article ↴

Thank you so much for reading not only this article but my whole #20Days Get to know me challenge, it means the world to me ! Take care and be sure to check out my previous articles :

With all my love,