"Being a freshman in high school is the worst thing ever!" Well, that's not true. Your freshman life could be the best or the worst time in your life and it all depends your decisions. We all know that dramas, bullying, depression and blah blah blah are normal things at high school. You might experience some of these at high school already, especially if you are a freshman like me. I'm not just a freshman, I'm a brand new student at the school because my school have kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school so most of the students probably have known each other since they were learning how to do addition. It might be scary at first when you don't know anyone, you don't know where the rooms are, you see some super tall, cool seniors with pierce and make up and different hair colors, you see some scary, boring teachers or you might see "the plastic". You know what, it's all gonna fine. Go to school every day with positivity and be ready to make friends. Say hi and smile back and people who look at you or seems friendly. Ignore the mean ones, if they try to turn you into a duff or try to bully you, go away, pretend like you here nothing, you can tell them that they are not your mom to give orders or you can tell the counselor. Be polite and friendly with every one you meet, especially the teachers and the seniors, you don't want to mess with them at this time. If someone trash talk about you or mean to you, ignore them because they don't worth your time, they will soon loose their interest at hurting someone and go away. You should feel comfortable at making new relationships and let go the toxic ones. For academic things, ask your teachers after each lessons if you have questions, try to finish your assignments and show respect in class. It's very important to make your teachers like you, life will be so much easier, but don't try to be a teacher's pet. Join clubs, sport teams and if there's a talent show, sign up and confidently show them who you are. I know it sounds scary but you will have more friends, more fun and experiences after the talent show. That's all I did and now, I have an amazing group of friends that I can trust and be crazy with, my grades are good and somehow I feel excited to go to high school every morning.

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