he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not. What is love?
is it a feeling? Is it the emotion i cant reach out to?

i never knew what love was until i met him. His hazel eyes would reflect off the sun, his smile could light up the darkest tunnel and his laugh would make you get butterflies, i wanted him so bad that i wouldn't even of cared if he broke my heart.

He had left trails of scars behind but i was blinded by his beauty, i was blinded by the red flags and at this point i was asking for a sign that said "break my heart" on it.

I told him "i think I've fallen in love." he smiled back and said "i think I'm in love too" I leaned in closer and he stopped me and said "..with someone..else." i felt a tear in me, i couldn't move my mind wouldn't think, i wanted to run but could't. A tear rolled down my face and i muttered "break my heart." i stood up and walked away- he grabbed my hand and whispered into my ear "not broken yet."