So, people say that we learn and grow but we also will feel love, pain, anger and other feelings. It will all happen to us. We will meet new people and as time goes by they will mean the world to you, and sometimes they won’t. Of course, you will have some fights but sometimes people will walk away. Just like that, just walking out of your life. When that happens, it will feel like your heart is missing a piece, like it skips a heartbeat. You will feel terrible, you will feel pain and anger because they left you. But after a while you will start thinking about it again and then you realized this was meant to be. It was meant to be that they will walk away, so that you could learn that it isn’t a bad thing to feel pain and sadness. It will also teach you that after a while people will stay. Cause Only the people that you deserve will stay and the other ones? Just let them walk, just let them walk out of your beautiful life. It may not feel like that but it will happen. Just be patient cause maybe those people are already there but you don’t know it.

i hope you liked it! xxx minimuis