We all have problems when it comes to love life- crushes, boyfriends, girlfriends..., but we all forget about the most important love relationship ➺ with ourselves.

Why is it so hard to accept ourselves for who we are?

Society puts so much pressure on our looks. When you are still developing as a person it is hard to not believe lies everyone tells you
You need to learn that others have they imperfections and sometimes they reflect them on others...
But by doing that they are just moving attention from themselves and never learn selflove.

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There is a term in psychology- teenage egocentrism (phenomenon of adolescents' inability to distinguish between their perception of what others think about them and what people actually think in reality.). I am not saying that you are egocentric- it is just a normal phase we all go trough
I noticed this phenomenon when I was hanging out with my 2 friends, They always made stories from life so much interesting and made it seem like everything that happened evolved around them.
->I was so sad and mad because I never had such interesting moments ⇒ But then came a moment of realization... even when I was with them and nothing interesting happend (as I believed) they made it seem differently. Like we had been on two completely different planets.

As conclusion
Everything is a matter of perspective- We can cry that nothing happens to us like it does for others or we can notice that we actually have amazing moments. If you dont think you have them, you can change that. Go out for a walk, take pictures of things you like, listen to music as you enjoy nature around you... Who knows what can happen??

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So how I fell in love with myself?
I realized that
❃ I cannot be happy all the time- and that is OK!
❃I can do and say stupid things- but that happens to anyone, we are humans after all!
❃I need to cherish and notice little moments- They are not so little and you will remember them with joy
❃ Even if something bad happens - it is a chance to learn about ourselves and our emotions and what to change next time around
❃ Set little goals for yourself and try your best- one step at the time- nothing happens over night and If you dont succeed -it is OK!
❃Be kind even if others are mean- dont get down on their level- show them that they are wrong
❃And most important- Take time to do what you love and be yourself

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Hope this helps... Lots of love and happy hearting!

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