•You're never alone, remember that there's always someone who cares about you. Your family who loves you the most in the world, always embraces you, a friend or a friend who cares about you, and if you still have a hard time, I'm here for you, and I care about you.

•This is just a bad period that will pass, not all life is bad, not just good. There are periods, and everything bad, will replace it well.

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•You have a lot more to learn about the world, there are probably topics that interest you and you will want to know more about them.

•There are other places you have not yet spent in Israel, the world, delicious restaurants and amazing views ...

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•Hey, you just have not found the love of your life, it's waiting for you somewhere in the future. Do not give up.

•There will always be someone you can identify with, laugh with, get excited with. For me it's on YouTube. amazing world..

•Everyone goes through bad times in life, but you have to remember that with some evil there is always something good. Try to look for the best in everything. This will help you deal better with bad things that happen to you.

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•"Stars can not shine without darkness”, so that we have good, we owe a little bad.

•Life is a gift, a gift so rare. You won something so special, appreciate it.

•You got up in the morning under a roof, you have food, clothes, you know how to read and write. You have what you need. You are safe and sound. Do not complain about what you have or do not have. There are a lot of people who would like to trade with you.

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•Spend time for family, friends, yourself. Do sports, go outside, breathe fresh air, drink water, look in the mirror and smile.

•In the end. Everything happens at the right time, sometimes things go wrong. For better or for worse. So, do not break everything will be good ..