The Tattoos I Want and Why?

1) A Rose Tattoo

I've personally always wanted one, roses are one of my favorite flowers, and they are my mothers as well. I truly want to get a rose tattoo, maybe not this one but a rose tat, with my mother. It means a lot considering its also her favorite type of flower.

2)My Mothers And Fathers B-days in Roman Numerals

(I'm not including a pic because y'all don't need to know my parents' age)

Most of my tattoos would have something to do with my mother. But she is a very inspirational person to me, she supports me in almost anything, and although i have a step dad, shes practically raised me on her own. She has shown me in a very strange but she has, that i need to speak my mind, and not focus on making others happy. Which are two of the many things i struggle with.

My father, is jerk, and basically a horrible person, but i cant help but love him. I haven't seen him in 10 years, and i still want to meet him in person. but i mean if it weren't for him, pitching in to make me, i probably wouldn't even be here atm, and that means a lot

3)A dragon/snake tattoo

I love dragons and they're beautiful creatures, i have always found these so beautiful. And apart from all that, it has a very emotional meaning to me. Facing my anxiety, depression, bipolarity, and other things has always been such a difficult thing, all my life I've had to deal with it, and i probably will continue, but this would signify that, i am a strong individual, that what ever comes my way, i will find a way to face it, and in the mean time become the best version of myself.

Welp, kids that's basically all i have atm, i know i want to get more, but i just don't know what yet.

Also, as stated before, guys/girls/people/anyone, feel free to hml, I'm always on the look to make new friends. And i truly am very nice, I'm just super fucking shy, and stuff. but ill send memes, Ill probably hook you up with music. I tell stories!
And I'm not fake, so y'all hmu, cause I'm super bored like all the time.