Okay, so this might sound a little weird, but I think there is so much power in scents. Just the smallest whiff of something can bring back a vivid memory. A place of love, sadness or anger. Is this just me? So here are a few of my favourite scents:

rose, flowers, and red image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by ♡ c u d a ♡ roses and sky image
candle, fall, and autumn image candle, autumn, and fall image aesthetic, lemon, and orange image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image
Temporarily removed rain and winter image rain, grunge, and green image rain, autumn, and window image

Freshly cut grass.

book image book, aesthetic, and black image book, pink, and reading image books and reader image
coffee, cup, and soft grunge image coffee, autumn, and drink image cafe, drinks, and love image Image by ByMaïssa
bed, white, and bedroom image bed, white, and sheets image bed, modern, and photography image blank, clean, and fresh image
Freshly washed sheets.
coconut, summer, and fruit image coconut, green, and tropical image coconut, white, and food image summer image
carrots, garlic, and lamb image 2012, london, and United Kingdom image dahl, Sunday, and roast image british, roast, and family image
Sunday roast.

Those are some of my favourite scents. Let me know what some of yours are.

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