Describe your relationship with your parents.


So my relationship with my mom Is the only relationship I have with my parents, (we will get to my dad in a second). I was raised by a single- mother, but would some times see my father here and there. A mother daughter relationship is all I have ever known.

No relationship is solid and strong all of the time. When I was a teenager, my mom and I ALWAYS argued, but no matter what I knew that mom was gonna love me.

As I got into college, my relationship with my mother had never been better. She and I crack so many jokes together and now I'm teaching her how to "throw shade" because she's horrible at it.

My mom is like my best friend.... and I ALWAYS address her as QUEEN because she is nothing less than a Queen in my eyes.

Now we talk about my dad.... it's about to be short and sweet.
My dad and I have no type of relationship at the moment. When I think about him it makes me sick to my stomach when I had to go to his house.

He legit brought fear into me and my little brother. He abused us mentally with his words and the tone of his voice.

Because of the way he treated me as a young girl, I have a small fear of men and I have had to find out on my own how a man should treat me because the so called "King" in my life wasn't the best example to go off of.

At this point in my life I don't want a relationship with him because all he cause me was pain. But the most important part to all of this is that, through all this I have learned to forgive my father for not being a father to me.

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