There are lots of girls and boys that think that if they don´t have money they can´t dress well.
Let me tell you something.... that´s a big fat lie.
I´m not rich but the thing is that I don´t let that stop me.
Where I live it´s not like a NY, or LA or any other amazing city where you can fine amazing clothes.
Over the past years I have learn how to make myself look good without having tons of money, here´s how:

1.Look at the runways

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Runways are trend. That´s all you need to know, this doesn´t mean that you have to use things you don´t like just because the designers are designing it. Find the designer which you identify yourself more.

2. Imagine yourself as a celebrity

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Just imagine yourself as a celebrity. Would you like to see you with that outfit in those paparazzi pictures?

3. And of course always put something of your own.

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It´s always important to be you. Because remember "Fashion fades, only style remains"-Coco Chanel

-Alexa Yamira