Do you ever get that overwhelming sensation to just get away? To just pack up all your belongings and leave without telling anyone? To just escape for as long as you want?

I know I do. Sometimes, I just get the need to buy a plane ticket to some foreign country and leave in the middle of the night. I don't of course, seeing as I'm still underage and well, anxiety doesn't exactly allow me to do the best things alone. I guess for some, travelling's a method of coping. It gives you a sense of relief. To know that wherever you're going, your problems don't matter; they don't exist.

Someday, I will travel to the desired destinations and I will fulfil all my dreams and aspirations. But I'm not going to let a midnight crave choose the destinations and what I do. I will, someday let a midnight crave choose because that sounds fun, but whilst I'm still young, It's a no.

I honestly don't know why I made this article. I just got overwhelmed with the need to escape and felt like some other people do too.

Until next time, thank you for reading this.
Nicole xo