From ripped jeans to mom jeans to boyfriend jeans to plaid pants?
what's "the must" be in your closet thing?

I made this article to help you choose the right fashion item. the one item that goes with diversity of styles..
Hope you'll find it helpful :)

Black Jeans:

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You can never go wrong with black jeans. whether they're ripped or not they'll match with a T-shirt and sneakers or a blouse and heels. the only bad thing about them is that they start to fade in a short period of time :(

Blue Ripped Jeans:

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If you have a black pair of jeans, then you should have a blue pair! it's like an unspoken law! besides they look amazing on everybody :)

Boyfriend Jeans:

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God, I love boyfriend jeans! they're comfy and so chic. they match great with crop tops and converse ;)


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Uh, shorts. they go with a sweater to make the cutest Fall outfit, or you can match them with a blouse and flats for a cute but chic date outfit, or you can match them with a crop top and a jacket for more of a street style look.

Denim Jacket:

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I love denim jackets. specially the oversized ones <3 you can wear them over a crop top or a bodycon dress.. with jeans or shorts..anything! besides, you don't have to buy a new one, you can borrow your brother's or your boyfriend's or you can wear your mom's from the 90's ;)

Leather Jacket:

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You just have to own a black leather jacket! you don't have to pay a fortune to buy real leather jacket, you can get a vegan leather one with small price and will look amazing :)

White Blouse:

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these are one of the few things that will give you the neat, sleek, and sophisticated look that you need in a job interview or a fancy date <3


sneakers, pink, and shoes image adidas, shoes, and black image adidas, shoes, and nails image shoes, puma, and style image
I love buying sneakers <3 there's is no such a thing as 'too many' sneakers! they're comfy, trendy, and they look good with almost everything.


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Platforms are amazing if you don't like heels (like me). they'll give you the extra height, will make your legs look slender, and the're not as painful to wear as other heels :)

Chelsea Boots:

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Chelseas are the best! you can wear them all season, cause they're light and comfy. and if you're planning to go to a festival, then you gotta have these, cause they're the main stars in every festival outfit ;)

Little Black Dress:

black, dress, and fashion image little black dress image dress, fashion, and black image dress, black, and style image
I don't have to say anything😍😍😍😍


necklace, grunge, and choker image necklace, choker, and accessories image choker and gold image choker, indie, and grunge image
Another trend from the 90's is back! honestly, I'm so happy that chokers are back because they're amazing, specially tattoo chokers <3

Tote Bag:

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these are important to every woman! large and chic.. what other qualities you want in a bag?

You must've noticed that I didn't post any type of skirts, because I don't think they're that important to be honest. I mean you can replace them with pants or shorts :)

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