Next Town Down

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Hello fellows! Every first friday of the month I want to publish an article about one unknow or not commonly known artist. Thus I want to share them with you. Not only to appreciate them but also to show you guys some good work of art.

Next Town Down is a boygroup of five indiviually talented artist.They found each other through social media and ever since then they are uploading different videos on YouTube. They do not only cover famous songs but also have original ones. My personal favourite is "Good Times".

Good Times

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Their most recent original song is "Man On The Loose". Both studio and acoustic version are such good songs. Lyrically they remind me of Chris Brown somehow.

Man On The Loose // Studio Version

Man On The Loose // Acoustic Version

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They are not only doing challenges and evolution videos but also so called 'NTD Lifestyle Vlogs'. Every Friday a new #UCANTSINGTHAT Cover comes up.

Band Members

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Terence Thomas, 22

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Tre'von Waters, 21

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Christopher Louis, 20

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Malik Knighten, 18

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Leon Outlaw Jr., 15

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Alright guys! That's all for tonight. I hope that you liked this weeks article. If you have other artisteveryone should know about, let me know. I badly enjoy new music, overanalyzing every beat, every word and every note. Until next time, stay lovely.

xoxo Sam