Dear whoever is reading this,

This is my first article, so don't be too hard on me okay. ;) I want to wish you a warm welcome to your safe place. My profile and articles are a safe place for every kind human out there. You are all equal and beautiful to me. I don't care about your religion, your gender, your sexuality, your skin colour, etc. This profile is, and always will be a profile that is safe for everyone.

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I think we all need a place where we can be ourselves in this time with still so much ignorance, hate, selfishness, anger, depression, stress, loneliness etc. Whatever you are going through, know that you are NOT alone! My articles will be about different subjects. Things like mental health, equality, supporting each other, acceptance, gratitude, real-life story's, but also about other articles that are just fun to read. :D Things that have to do with the seasons, holidays, inspiration, the universe, history, legends, and all the happy stuff. I want to show the internet that there should be a place for both sides of life, all the light fun stuff, but also about the more serious things. And not only the 'happy' and 'perfect' pictures on social media, that is fun but not a realistic way to see life. We should embrace both. Life can be tough, but so are you.

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I don't want you to feel alone because I know how that feels. (There is a difference between being alone and feeling alone). So please, if you have no one to talk to, if you feel sad, lonely, don't hesitate and please send me a postcard with whatever you feel like you need to share. Maybe I can't really help you, but I am here to listen and I will never judge you, and I will always try my best to support you. Maybe your situation is really bad right now, so if you are looking for a sign to stay alive today, here is your sign. (Read that sentence every day! :))

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Thank you for reading! I hope you liked this article. Ideas or tips are always welcome.

"Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

All the love,

Old Soul Writer.