#1. you are lovely

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i may not know you, you may not know me but i know this: you are important. everything you do is important and you do matter you make a difference, the universe wouldn't put you here if you didn't

#2. you are amazing

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haters gonna hate my love, you are bigger than that. not everyone is going to like you, some people like to hate others :( don't let that get to you, i know it's hard to hear someone saying bad things about you, but in these times you need to look for someone who loves you, they will remember this little mind of yours that you are amazing.

#3. you are enough

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sometimes it's hard to believe in that i know, it's like, you look around and you think the world would be a better place without you, because you see that everyone you love is replacing you. people need people. remember that ok? just because your best friend has another friend it doesn't make you any less friends. you are enough.

i love you,

kisses cassie