I love México, I couldn´t be any more proud of my country and I want everyone to have the same feeling. Therefore I´ll give you 5 reasons of why you should love México too.

1. Passion.

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We put love and passion in everything that we do. I have never met a mexican that isn´t passionate, whether it is a sport, our familes, we all have something that we love to love. You should see how crazy everyone goes when México wins a football (soccer) game, we all go nuts, even if you don´t like the sport, it´s just the passion to see our country win. Same with other sports or competitions.

2. Food

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México is well know for it´s amazing food, because we all love a good taco. And if you think these are good, you should try the rest of our amazing dishes, we have things like enchiladas, sopes, tamales, chilaquiles, burritos, pan de muerto, etc. The list goes on and on. And it´s not just like restaurants are good, mom´s cook like mexican goddesses, because they put so much effort into cooking that of course the results are amazing.

3. Beaches

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If you´ve ever been in Mexico, I bet you visited one of our amazing beaches, and if you didn´t, you have to come back. From Cancún to Cabo, we have gorgeous beaches that you should visit one day. White sand, and the clearest water, really there´s no way that you don´t relax in a place like this.

4. History

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I feel like the history of México is something that people don´t know enough about, and it is amazing, and I´m not the biggest fan of history class. Mexico never lost a battle, except one with USA. But apart from that, México won their independency from Spain, and since then it has become the country that I love. There´s a lot of Mexico´s history but you should read a little bit about it, because even our flag has a historical meaning behind it.

5. Family

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Family is the most important thing for us because we consider it a value, and it is certainly something that we don´t take for granted. I like to think of Mexico as a big family, you should´ve seen everyone two months ago, after the earthquake, everyone was doing something to help. From collecting food and medicines in schools to send them to places where needed, to normal people (not even professionals rescuers) getting into debris to find life.

It´s really touching to see Mexico together, in the good and the bad times, we stay together because we are family. So I really hope you love Mexico now as much as I do, no matter where you´re from.