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part 2 of places I want to visit,
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Copenhagen, Denmark

travel, city, and house image denmark, city, and copenhagen image city, building, and architecture image pink, city, and building image
I'm in love with Copenhagen. Its such a cute and colourful lil city.

Tokyo, Japan

asia, bokeh, and japan image paris, light, and night image city, light, and car image pink, flowers, and nature image
Tokyo would be absolutely magical with all of its lights and skyscrapers.

Oslo, Norway

street and house image white, aesthetic, and indie image norway, mountains, and nature image beautiful, lights, and north image
Its on my bucket list to see the northern lights and I think Norway would be stunning.

Santorini, Greece

Image removed Greece, blue, and sea image sea image pool, Greece, and summer image
a weekend away in Santorini would be amazing. The landscape is gorgeous.

Cairo, Egypt

girl, egypt, and kiss image ancient, beautiful, and cairo image egypt, pyramid, and travel image city, mosque, and travel image
I would love to go and see the pyramids and sphinx, it would be surreal.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

travel, summer, and bora bora image bora bora, palm trees, and relaxing image summer, bora bora, and sea image blue, paradise, and beach image
staying in the bora bora resort would be a dream. Its literally breath taking.

Buenos Aries, Argentina

argentina, buenos aires, and city image flowers, balcony, and house image aesthetics, argentina, and buenos aires image book and library image
Its brightly coloured houses are so abstract and funky, I love them.

Palm springs, California

summer, palm trees, and road image pink, spring, and pastel image girl, summer, and beach image america, beach, and blue sky image
Again more funky and colourful houses with palm trees is just so aesthetically pleasing to me.

Cologne, Germany

germany, city, and koln image germany, house, and travel image ❤, germany, and ًًًًًًًًًًًًً image gothic, architecture, and cathedral image
I went for a school trip a few years ago but only got to spend a couple of hours there but I would love to go again.

Brighton, England

brighton image beach, brighton, and sea image pier image beach, brighton, and rocks image
A trip to Brighton with my friends would be super fun. Deffo wanna do it someday seeing as live pretty close.

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