Dear beloved diary,
At first I should tell you about my self. I am Fiore, it is italian and means flower. I remember my mother explaining me why she had chosen this name. She told me I was born in spring when all flowers started blooming. It was the most beautiful spring she had ever seen because flowers bloomed like never before. She loved flowers because of the way they reflect beauty and how they distribute their aroma. I remember her garnishing the whole house with flowers, so that you could smell their beautiful aroma everywhere. When she hold me in her arms after birth she told my father that I am the most beautiful flower she had ever seen.That is why she named me Fiore.
She died because of kidney failure, when I was only four years old so I have forgotten many things about her. My father told me that she used to be interested in paintings, classical music, in poems just like I do. It is not rare that people tell me that I am just like my mother. I am pleased to hear it, she was beautiful in so many kind of ways. Well, I spend most of my time with my family instead of going out and hanging up with friends. I would really like to spend some more time with them, but my father is very caring since my mother died and he wants to protect me of every kind of danger. Certainly, I do not have a big problem with this circumstance because my father means a lot to me and he is very lonely since mom died. I spend a lot of time with him and our family. A lot of times, dad and I stay awake the whole night watching movies, making fun or talking. I am very talkative, I really am, but there are some things I can not talk to him , to my friends or to anyone, so I hope I can tell you.
There is this one boy in my school. One can say he is the polar opposite of me. He is always on the road, he is rude and had so many relationships with girls that did not continue more than two weeks. Besides he is the exact opposite of boys I like. He just has got so many traits I do not like just like the way he deals with girls. My friends do not understand me in this point. In their point of view being his girlfriend would be a honor, what I totally criticize.
Now, you surely wonder why I am writing about him. I´ll tell you.
I knew him long before he knew me, guys like him are rarely unknown and guys like him are the main topic girls talk about, that is is how I got to know him. My best friend Alisa told me about how beautiful he is and showed me his whole social media. I changed school when I became seventeen years old and was very surprised to see him there. He entered the canteen when I saw him the first time. It was the first time I faced him and in fact I was impressed standing in front of him. It was summer and his skin seemed as if it was kissed by the sun. His light brown hair is dawned, maybe because he spend whole of his time in sun. I am convinced because Alisa showed me a photo of him he posted last week on a beach party encircled of girls. I was standing at the canteen bar when he came in. I was caught up in my thoughts I did not notice that it was my turn to order my lunch. When he suddenly appeared in front of me and asked me if everything is okay because I have delayed the whole line behind me. I was so confused I do not even remember what I answered. I just remember looking down at the canteen bar because I felt ashamed. I pick up my lunch and took a seat. For any reason I could not stop thinking about the moment he was standing in front of me. He has got beautiful green eyes, it is the kind of green you get lost in. Well, I probably should tell you later more about it because my father wants me to watch a movie with him now.
Wish you a good night. Lots of Love,

Fiore F.

Thank you for spending time in reading my articles and I really I hope you enjoy them ♥ I am going to continue writing further diary entries and I want you to know that many mentioned things mean a lot to me because they are based on my reality . I would be happy if you`d like it and I am very plain so you can message me if you have got any question.
Lots of Love,

Romantika R.