"i want to have money. i want to wear expensive brands.i want to be in love. i want plastic surgery. i want to be skinny. i want all the attention. i want all the likes. i want more followers. i want everything, i am done with life. i am unhappy."

"what do you have?" - "nothing."
"mhmm.. really, you have nothing?" - "nothing."
"why do need that kind of things?" - "because society forces me to have it."
"why don't you decide on your own what you really like?" - "because then i won't fit in any more."
"why do you think that would happen?" - "because that's how our world works."
"you think nobody would accept you the way you are?" - "no, definitely not."

congratulations. don't forget to like as many suicidal posts on tumblr and please exclude your family and friends from your life, who care for you and love you for the person you are.

you can see what i did there, can't you?