Hey, it's me! Oh sorry, you don't know me. So maybe we should start from the beginning?

Hey or maybe hej (if you understend polish)!!!!!
I'm Ola and I'm form Poland. I hope you know where it is but if you don't - Poland is in Europe. SURPRISE! Yeah I know what you think - "Ola you're a genius - but you have an internet so you find out where it is.
But let's go back to me. I'm 16 (17 soon). My english is really at the primary level. I enjoy english but for me it isn't simple to remember everything so I make a lot of mistakes. But who doesn't commit them?
English is'n't my main language but I will do my best, OK?

A little about me:I'm a beginner in drawing. (you can see that in my collection ArtZi)
I'm extroverted. I have a depression and anxiety from about 1 year. It's not like i don't have any friends, because I have but nonetheless i feel lonley but it's ok. I'm not slim and because of this often i feel so bad because i go to the mirror and i see my fat reflection, but it's ok. Paradoxically, I am an optimist and I believe that my suffering and bad days will end. It's all a matter of time.

I hope you wo't reject me. Thank you, for reading this, I will try work harder.

Under, it's me a little potato.

Image by olozi