Hey, I also wanted to tell you about the places I saw. Most of them are in Germany because I live here but there are also other citys I saw.


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I grew up 1 hour away from this city, and yes it is beautiful, I only found pictures of the most hyped places but it also have so many hidden places that I just love (Various times 2010-2017)


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It isn't the most hyped city but my family lives there and I really like it there, it just always feels like home when I am there. It's one of the greenest citys in Germany and I just made so many good memories there. (1-3 times a year)


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I were there a week by school exchange and I fell in love with the City and the people there, I really miss it (May, 2016)

Fuerte Ventura

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I miss Spain in genrell but fuerte Ventura is just such an pretty island. (Summer 2014)


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I were there with my aunt when I was 10 and it just were so nice there, really want to go there again someday. (Summer 2011)

I think this were the most pretty places I saw.
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