Sometimes we forget how amazing life is and that there are so many things to be thankful for. Maybe it's because of stress or some problems we have that we forget how to be thankful, but it is so important not to!

You will be so much happier if you think about the beautiful things in your life more often!

Every day, take five minutes to think about things that go well and that you like in your life right now. There is always something beautiful to smile about!

I'm thankful for:
  • My family. They are always there for me and have never disappointed me. I can trust them, and they respect and love me exactly for what I am. Your family will always support you, and if you have problems, remember that your family members often have the best advice!
  • Friends. You can have fun with them and forget your problems. It's never boring to pass your time with them.
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  • Our world. It is just so amazing what nature can create - there are so many different animal species, plants, landscapes, seasons,... There are sunny days, thunderstorms, rainy days, and there is so much to explore! We should all go and see the world and its amazing beauty.
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  • Clothes and shoes. There's nothing more to say.
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  • Cities. Living there is amazing, and there is so much to do! You can visit museums, coffee shops, and there are so many different people!
  • Books. You can learn something from every small book, and it is amazing how much knowledge and imagination a book can give you.
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  • Possibilities. You can go to university or school, study, you live in a country where you have enough to eat and where you have many rights. You can build the life you want, and that is a pretty good thing!
  • Inspirational people. They are role models and they are an example that everyone can achieve their dreams. Sometimes they have also achieved something big and important for humanity.
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  • Inspirational quotes. If you are in a bad mood, here's your mood boost!
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So this was my contribution to the #WHIchallenge

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