It's OK to cry
It's OK to feel sad
It's OK to feel like the world is against you
It's OK to feel lost and abandoned
It's OK to be confused

BUT hey all of this, it OK to an extent.
I've got you, you are not alone... get up, look at yourself in the mirror.
Can you clearly see that person? OK then smile, it's hard and I know. Just do it because that is your strength, that's your anchor.

YOU are beautifully and wonderfully made ❤

P.S. Thanks for having time to read this article. It's my first one and I hope to be inspired to write more. It is devasting not being able to express yourself or to have someone near you, but always remember to smile. YOU deserve to be happy. FOCUS on the bigger picture, your aim, FIGHT and you will WIN/SUCCEED.

I know that we are many out here feeling hopeless and weak but be STRONG.

- Lots of love -

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