I think I like him. I really do.
I like his light brown hair and his hazel eyes.
I like the way he smiles at me and the way he teases me. I always have fun when I'm around him.
He seems a good guy, he's different from anybody else.
I really do like him.

The thing is: does he like me back?
Does he like my weird personality and my appearence?
He has shown some kind of interest, indeed.
But is it just because he thinks I'm a nice girl? Isn't it something more deep?

Probably, I'm the only one who wants something deep. The only one who needs something deep.
Maybe for him liking someone isn't that big of a deal as it is for me. Maybe he only wants something foolish, just a couple of kisses.

How will he react when I'll tell him I've never given anyone my first kiss? Will he think I'm a loser? An uncool girl?
Maybe he will find it somehow special and he will think it's very unique, he will think I am very unique. Am I?

Falling makes me feel powerless in front of everything. Even my own self. It makes me question everything I was so sure of.
Falling is good and bad at the same time. I can't manage to think rationally and I seem to love it and hate it.

Last night, at the opera, our arms were brushing against each other. They were touching at some times.
Was it just a coincidence? Or did he do it on purpose?
At the end of the concert he brought me home. I told him not to, I wouldn't have had any problems, but he insisted. I was happy.
We talked until we unfortunately reached our destination.
I thanked him and so did he.
He went back home.

I like everything about him. I really do.