Hello lovely people,
thank you so so much for reading this article, I genuinely hope you like it.
I decided to write down some diffrent New Yorker habitats i've seen through the years and actually do myself.
I've lived in Chelsea, New York city for my whole life and i enjoy is so so much!
If you have any questions or you just want to dm, feel free x
I got this idea from the amazing @rosejgad.
Let's start!


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Take the subway to every place you're going to. You really don't need a car in New York City it's very unpractical. My parents do have cars but trust me the subway is way faster and cheaper.

Don't care

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I really don't know if this is positive about new Yorkers or not. You can do whatever you want to do on the Streets and nobody will look weird at you or judge you. We really don't care at all.

Dress stylish

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New York city is definitely the place where loads of people dress very stylish. Loads of big fashion companys/ disigners are based in New York City which influences people their styles. Definitely don't wear the I love NY clothing, trust me then you're screaming tourist!


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You won't see loads of people wearing flip flops because your feet will get super dirty in New York. Sneakers, loafers, heels, boots, and heeled sandals are common. Girls ( including me ) often walk in sporting shoes and when they are at their work or school they put on their heels.

Avoid overcrowded places

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I Always try to avoid overcrowded places like times square and fifth avenue. You lilerally can't walk normal in those streets! If you want to visit places in New York which are usually overcrowded go between breakfast and lunch time.

Don't use a map

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NO ONE who lives in the city will use a map! and if we do we use the map on our phone, so no one sees :)

Help others

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I Always try to help tourists and other people. I feel like everyone that can help will help!


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What do i have to say.