(Disclaimer: Everyone is different. We are all in different places emotionally and mentally. We all desire to have different things. This might work fairly quickly for one and slow for another, it might be easy for one and difficult for another. Either way don't give up, it's taken me a lot of trial and error to really grasp and understand how powerful I am in controlling the things that make way into my life.)

*゚Law of Attraction: The belief that by focusing on a positive or negative thought or emotion a person will bring positive or negative outcomes and experiences into their life.

*゚The Law of Attraction isn't a "tool" or something you "use", it just is. It's how the universe and everything thing works around you, how everything that you witness and have to this day is due to your emotions and thoughts. So be careful what you wish for.

*゚Want everything to start going right for you? Want to experience more amazing opportunities in your life? Want to manifest your deepest and truest desires? Well then your in luck, follow these simple steps I've listed below to be own your way to a happy life.

1. Practice gratitude

Write down ALL that you are grateful for. It can be anything you appreciate in your life currently or something you appreciated in your life in the past. It could range from something as small as the pencil or pen you're using, the place your sitting in, the phone or computer you're typing on. ANYTHING.

*゚If you can, do this every morning as it will bring you into a good and positive mood to start your day. There's many benefits to practicing gratitude but I won't get into that just yet.

2. Write down your goals and desires

Write down what you're currently wanting to attract in your life right now, ANYTHING you want. Some new friends, a new car, a box of pizza, money, literally anything. Just make sure your specific. So, what type of new friends? What model car, which color? You can write this on your phone or laptop but I highly suggest you write this on a piece of paper, it's much more powerful and fun this way.

3. Do what makes you happy

This is supposed to be fun! Be carefree, explore this in a fun way, don't stress or worry about getting the things you want because they are already own their way. In the mean time, you need to be experiencing predominantly positive energy and I say predominantly because let's be real, we're human, and sometimes we're just not in the mood to be happy but it's important that you don't let a sad and negative emotion drag out for too long because that will result in negative experiences and outcomes. Which is the OPPOSITE of what you want, so do what makes you smile the brightest, laugh the loudest, and jump the highest. Watch everything start to go your way, I'm being serious about this :D

4. Be a vibrational match to your desires

Step 3 is a really good way to be in alignment with what you want but you also want to be mindful of your thoughts and actions. We don't want to be going against want we want, for example, you want to lose 5 pounds. But lets say instead of being optimistic about weight loss, thinking positively about your body, eating carefully and being active daily, you instead do the opposite. You say "I could never lose 5 pounds" or "It's hard for me to lose weight", you talk poorly about your body, you cram your body with junk food and sit around watching tv all day. Guess what, your not in alignment with this thing your saying you desire to have. So that was just an example, but make sure you FEEL and think about this desire in a positive way, pick yourself up with positive affirmations along with do little actions that support the thing that you going after.

Hope I explained this well enough :D If I didn't but your still looking to understand the Law of Attraction even more, here's someone amazing sources to take a look at:

living lifemadetoorder.com

Good luck everyone! *゚