Day 15. Make an Autumn / Winter / Spring / Summer bucket list.

• Thank God, the universe and life for everything you have, what you don't, the experiences and protection of God
• Read, learn and speak The Word of God, remember that Christmas is thanks to Him, always keep it in mind
• Organize meetings with family and friends and activities and fun games to do together
• Cooking as a family
• Take family photos
• Listen to carols and Christmas songs all the time, and sing to have fun together
• Bake desserts for all
• Doing something good for a stranger or needy
• Help an animal on the street
• Buy air fresheners with a pine smell
• Make punch
• Watch Christmas movies in the mornings and nights
• Make hot chocolate
• Decorate the house
• Prepare the gifts
• Smile for no apparent reason, enjoy the sky full of stars, the cold, the wind
• Thank family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances who helped you during the year, with a gift or a simple but appreciated hug or handshake

Christmas is one of the most beautiful and significant times, let's enjoy it!

I would like to know what are your Christmas traditions or what are the Christmas traditions in your country!

Mafe, x.