I saw articles similar to this one and it really inspired me to write my own. I sometimes write yet not too often so I really hope this article is good. I am just going to be writing a little about me and my style. Hope you enjoy! x


My hair is medium length curly hair (It reaches my armpit). My family is mixed with Spanish and African decent. I typically dye my hair a golden brown color during the summer and I keep it in protective styles for all the other seasons. My hair is naturally a dark brown color. I love my hair and try to care for it as much as possible

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I would consider my style very laid back. I like dark and neutral colors. Once in a while I may style up with a bright orange or yellow. But I typically keep it pretty simple. Burgundy, army prints, crop tops, black and lace are just a few of the things I LOVE to put on. When it comes to accessories I keep it to a minimum

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OK, I am not a huge fan of having a crap ton of makeup on my face (though I wouldn't mind doing it sometimes.)
I would go for a really simple makeup look on most days. I have really clear skin and also a light brown complexion. I would only go for foundation when I really need it. I usually just do concealer, eyebrows, a
burnt orange or red eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and falsies, A LOT of highlighter and a sparkly lip gloss.

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I like pairing my look with some fake glasses because I honestly think it looks pretty badass.


I like as some would say "now a days" music. I am into rap, R&B, hip hop and dance hall. Some of my favorite artists are Rihanna, Alkaline, Drake, Camila Cabello and Migos.

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So you know about my style but I thought I would also share some little things about me as well.

- I love the colors blue, black & white, grey and burgundy

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- Eating is my passion lol. I just love food

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I am not really much of a healthy eater hehe. But I really do try

- My favorite shows! I sit and watch Netflix all day pretty much

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- The Flash - Supergirl - Riverdale - Arrow

- I love photography

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- The beach is my happy place

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I would live on the beach if I could

- I love travelling

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I hope to travel all over the world one day!

And that's it. I really hope you enjoyed reading this because I definitely enjoyed writing it. Definitely going to do more of these!