hey there! welcome to some reasons why i feel so strongly towards the 90s and such.

the first reason is the cars. the cars in the 90s are just so beautiful and cool. like come on are you telling me you wouldn't wanna whip around in one of these bad boys

60s, old, and red image

i would happily roll around in one of these

peace, hippie, and vans image

the second reason is the places. not just in America as well all around the world. they were just so beautiful and free spirited.

50s, diner, and pink image

the third is the music. i feel like for me the music of the 90s plays a huge part in who i am considering the fact i am not a 90s child. i just love the music ranging from soul to rock or to Michael Jackson. it was all amazing and unique in its own way.

nirvana, eddie vedder, and hole image

i just wish i could time travel to the 90s.