You ride my bike across the night, while I sit in the back of it.
Now we're far away from this stupid party.
Where's the Point of getting drunk in order to like all these people anyways?
A peaceful night, your peaceful mind, the messy me and you.
We reach the gravel pit.
You try to keep the distance between us, like we're strangers.
But we're not. And you know it.
Stargazing that's what we do as you reach for my head and place it on your chest.
You say you see shooting stars, I see them, too. Do I believe in this childhood Images? I don't know.
But hey, the night is full of shooting stars and starry dreams can all come true.
Did I wish for perfect grades? For a perfect body? For clear skin? Or have I wished for the affection of someone I like... just like you? No I didn't. One thing I realized is, in this moment of pure happiness and peacefulness I didn't think about the way I looked and worried if I'm "skinny enough" , I didn't worry about my grades either. I only worried about all these people who don't get this feeling of fitting in, without adapting.
I wished for you, I wished for me, i wished for the lonely girl in the backrow and the geek from my physics class. Please realize you don't have to adapt in order to fit into this world.

You don't like the party and the people around it? -Leave.
You don't like the way people talk to you? -Tell them.
You don't want to wear those super tight skinny Jeans everyone wears? -Don't do it.

Noone has the right to effect your life in a negative way, don't let yourself down because you've pushed yourself towards the belief you deserve to be treated like this. Because that's wrong.

Try to find your place, let down the pressure and just be.

We fell asleep in the middle of nowhere, as we pressed our bodies together in order to steal a little bit of body warmth of the other one. We didn't kiss. We didn't confess our love or anything like that.
I still like you. Half a year later. I don't want to thank you for making me feel Special or for showing me your affection. I want to thank you for being the person you are... A 19- year-old with the dreamy eyes of a 12 year old, believing in shooting stars. That's who you are. And that is the reason I like you. Because i can say with confidence, that I don't like you for your weight, your flawless skin or your grades.