Heyy! I'm back with a brand-new article. This one isn't about fashion or must haves, but about me! I will say 50 things about me:

1. I have dark brown hair
2. I'm short
3. I'm still in school
4. I'm in love with Netflix <3

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5. My favorite food is pizza
6. My favorite Netflix show is The 100
7. I would love to go to Dubai
8. I'm afraid of clowns

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9. I hate math and geography
10. I've read all the Harry Potter books
11. I'm a cat lover, not a dog lover
12. My friends' name is Rose

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13. I adore Valentino Heels
14. As my future car I want a white Range Rover
15. My favorite color is red
16. I adore Bellamy Blake from The 100 and Jace Herondale from Shadowhunters

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17. My favorite movie is Fast and Furious 7
18. I love baking cakes, cupcakes, muffins and brownies
19. I've been to Spain a lot of times and I love it there
20. I've got iPhone 6s Rose Gold

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21. I've been bullied in 6th grade
22. Je parle très bien français et j'aime Paris
23. Tony's Chocolonely is my favorite chocolate and so is Lindt Lindor chocolate
24. I laugh everyday!

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25. I usually wear my hair loose
26. My favorite singer is Zara Larsson
27. My favorite song is Havana from Camila Cabello
28. On YouTube I watch a lot of Zoella and Sarah Betts

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29. My favorite animal is a cheetah
30. I think the iOS 11.0.1 Emoji's are great
31. I would love to meet Leighton Meester some day
32. I don't like Coca Cola, Fanta or Pepsi

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33. I've got a North Face schoolbag
34. I go to school with the train
35. I love drawing
36. My birthday is at 3rd of February

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37. I haven't traveled with a plane for 6 years since 2017
38. My favorite fruit is pineapple
39. I love Dolce & Gabbana
40. I've got one KENZO sweatshirt and t-shirt

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41. I love making moodboards and scrapbooks
42. I play tennis
43. I collect Baby Lips from Maybelline New York and EOS Lipbalms
44. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are Bæ
45. Actresses Marie Avgeropoulos and Alycia Debnam-Carey are legends

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46. I've got Prada sunglasses :p
47. The Exposed from the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit is amazing, I use it a lot
48. I think Sarah Hyland has a cute face
49. Teenager Posts always cheer me up
50. I love writing on Quotev ( https://www.quotev.com/KylieHerondale ) and Articles on We Heart It <3

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Well, those were 50 facts about me. I hope you learned about me today, and I will see you next Article!