Feeling betrayed
Looking out of the window,seeing how the leaves fall down from trees… I suddenly realized the Autumn has come.
Why to hate autumn? Because of the falling leaves? Does it remind you of your life story? To fall down from the tree of Love? But lets think positively…Imagine you are the tree and the falling leaves means that you gain experiences and let the dead leaves fall down from your life.
When yesterday I heard that the person who I trust the most cheated on me,suddenly all the leaves fall down from me…I felt the cold storm was coming..I suddenly felt that autumn has passed and the winter has runned to me…It’s not an easy thing, the trust walls fall down and I felt horribly terrible.
I took a deep breath,I was praying that moment for myself.
How can a person be so cheap to do this to me? I was totally honest with him,I’ve never cheated on him.
The worst thing was that he texted me and told me “ I did a bad thing,I’m not a good person,you deserve so much better.”
The first thing that comes to my mind was ME and ME…Like how? How could I trust this piss of shit?
My hands were shaking,I tried to call him but he didn’t answer my calls.
That moment I became The Cold Ice Queen. That type of Queen who don’t need any ordinary person.I need a King,not a Joker.
I hardly slept,but when I woke up this morning I felt some positive energies,some strength that I have never experienced.
I realized That Life goes on. I don’t regret anything that I’ve done for this person.Instead I’m happy that I was the honest one in that relationship.
Imagine if I loved the wrong person this much,how much more I’m gonna love the right ones.
Autumn is the best Season of the year,cause it teaches you the best things.
I’m ready dear bitter and sweet November…Let’s explore more experiences.
Think Positively my Happy followers 