so I'm lea and basically here's some really good youtubers??

1. Alicia Claire de Mello
A soFT!! baby,, she has a soft french '70s romantic aesthetic :)) she only has 25k at the moment so she's fairly new; but worth watching cause she's cute and aesthetic

2. Annika Victoria
basically she makes a lot of sewing videos, and they're really helpful and thorough !! i'd recommend subscribing if you sew

3. colliscool
I've been following this softie since like 5k !! she's not very active on youtube anymore but she has a cute anime/videogame/dan n phil aesthetic?? she's really soft and loves 5sos I love her :') she's also really funny and is in a lot of fandoms !!

4. Conan Gray
probably my favorite youtuber??EVER?? he has that whole indie-frenchy-vintage-art kid aesthetic, it's my favorite and he's really cute (also really talented. listen to this kid's music)

5. Felicia Day
this SOFT baby just posts like 2 hour videos of her talking and playing video games ?? I enjoy watching them and we have a similar taste in games so !!

6. Hi I'm Mimi
Hands down my SECOND favorite youtuber out there,, basically a vintage 50s female conan gray :)) all her videos are fairly short so it's not too overwhelming, also she does quite a bit of clothes videos & just cute aesthetic blogs. (she has that whole art kid ukulele player vintage 50s baby who loves stripes and the color red-aesthetic??) her music is also really good !! I stan talent!!

7. lunestelle
basically a non-problematic version of simply_kenna (whom I still watch but idk) she loves soft colors and has a cute sense of style !! :)) all her videos are basically talk with me videos, which are very stress relieving

8. MacDoesIt
THE FUNNIEST BITHCDSBAJ he's really really funny, genuinely the only comedy youtuber that cracks me up,, is also very much gay and very much vocal about it :::))))))) [his most popular series is him reacting to homophobic ads, it's funny as hell]

9. peachristine
she only has 2 videos out right now (lets hope for more later on???) but she has a cute aesthetic (and she's adorable AH) she's got that whole 'art hoe' aesthetic that everyone, including me, has

10. R L I F E
they just post like 10 minute compilations of ambient music (like tomppabeats, basically cute anime-esk songs with beats and sampled poetry)

11. Sara tepes
she makes digital paintings, and posts her speedpaintings with voiceovers talking about random subjects (usually about art) and she has such a pleasing, soft voice ?? she's also very helpful if you're learning to draw digitally

12. Shaving people, Punting things
a supernatural account !! they make edits, and they're all really good and chilling?? they also post some bloopers from supernatural they make, but their edits are the best thing I've ever seen, and are all uploaded in 1080p. Nut.

13. TheLazylazyme
I discover so much music from this account. They post ambient-type music (like R L I F E) but the artists they post make singing music !! if you need new music, and like artists like conan gray and mimi b, you'll probably like the artists on this page ::))

14. Tina Halada
If you can get past the EXTREMELY facetuned covers of her videos, she makes good makeup tutorials. I personally enjoy her older videos more, but she's REALLY talented :)

15. Rachel Nguyen
she makes the SOFTEST, most aesthetic, french ass videos I've ever seen. she's the type of girl you wish you were, but are also in love with??? she has such a cute-vintage-artsy-red beret-summer dress type aesthetic??

korean girls INVENTED beauty, so definitely check her out. she doesn't have many videos but it doesnt MATTER she's so cute and soft (and makes vlogs and makeup videos)

17. WLOP
an extremely talented graphic design artist, they post speedpaintings of their fantasy paintings and theyre sOO pleasing to watch