Sarah J. Mass , I believe, is the best author I have ever read. Her books are amazing and have me going crazy days after I have read them. They are the light of my day when i read them and ugh, I just can't get them out of my system. So that leads me to writing this article about her books. There. Amazing. if I have not said it enough.
Any ways I have read the "The Throne of Glass" series and it doesn't disappoint. Those books aren't even done yet and I am already sad with the thought of it ending. The action in this series keeps you on your toes and has your heart racing with every turn of the page. The way these books just make you feel is just amazing.
Her other series ( A court of thorns and roses ) took me sometime to get into. Its not that I had heard bad things about it is that I didn't think it would be as good as the throne of glass series. Which I was so wrong. It. Was. Breath. Taking. I am telling you it is one of my favorite series next to The Throne of Glass. I just don't know what to say because I have no word for either series. I love them And I really hope this encourages you to read them too. And if you have please I would like to have you a long talk about these books with someone that understand what i am going through when reading these.