Disclaimer: this is a completely personal opinion, you definitely don't have to agree

Boybands. A music group that society deems superficial, centered in synchronized dancing and auto-tune in their romantically cliché songs. We had NSYNC and Backstreet Boys in the 90s. It then followed into bands like One Direction and even 5 Seconds of Summer.

According to society, these groups aren't writers of 'good' music. Centering on the same topics, these bands are not socially approved of because of their fanbase; teenage girls. But what do they really have in common? They're just a bunch of guys who became famous during their early 20s, meaning that apart from good singers, they were and still are good-looking.

Here's the thing: although girls are the main components of these fan bases, they are still judged for listening to them. Girls are judged for so many things I have honestly lost count, but adding music to that long list? I believe that is crossing a line.

Teenage girls are deemed innocent and immature, which indirectly places the music they listen to in those boxes. And honestly? Society could not have been more wrong. These girls manage to fill up a stadium with almost 79,000 people and make themselves be heard as if they were the only ones there. People should respect these types of fan bases. Teenage girls, if anything, are the most badass people living today. They constantly fight for what they believe in, against society's judgement-which is honestly something- and show immense support towards their idols. Have you heard of a One Direction concert not being sold out? The Jonas Brothers not being mobbed on the street?

Recently, I witnessed a conversation which became my main inspiration for this article. Two older guys were listening to the radio, where 5 Seconds of Summer's Jet Black Heart was softly playing. I was immediately asked who these people as they sounded very similar to Nirvana-something I also disagreed with but whatever. They moved from being a great band to a boyband the second they understood their fanbase was mainly composed of girls, yet they were the same band they had compared to Nirvana not even a minute ago.

When did supporting a band come with a fanbase condition? How did we lose our focus and started caring about who supported the band rather than caring about their music? What is the difference between a high-pitched scream and a wolf-whistle during a concert? Are these things relevant?

Be it for a 40 year old, a teenager or a kid, these bands should be known for their music rather than their supporters. They are here to express those feelings that we fail to put into words, or we are too scared to say out loud. We should remember, as teenagers, that one day we will grow up and these boybands will still be there and both Nirvana and 5 Seconds of Summer wrote about love, life, death and a variety of different topics. Their fanbase should never dictate their social validity, nor should it be used to judge their quality.

Let's learn to appreciate bands for their music, and let teenagers enjoy their youth listening to as many 'superficial' bands as they please. Remember, The Beatles started as a boyband as well.