Hello again!!! After writing "5 series that I love" and seeing that he has had many hearts, I have decided that now I will make a recommendation of my favorite books, so, if you have the opportunity to buy them, do it because they are really good books.
They will not be books, it will be a trilogy and a saga.
Although I must add that the trilogy has not yet finished, but the first book of the three caught my attention and caught me in an instant, so it became my trilogy, not yet finished, favorite.

let's start.


Hush Hush is a juvenile novel published in 2009 by the American author Becca Fitzpatrick, it consists of four books, so it's considered a saga.

(1) Hush Hush
(2) Crescendo
(3) Silence
(4) Final

Personally I love this book, it is read in a very short time, because for me the story is very compelling.
It is narrated in the first person from the perspective of Nora Gray, who is directly involved in great mysteries and dangers when she meets her new biology partner named Patch Cipriano, who hides a great secret that could put Nora in danger and would make her Discover an unexpected secret about your family.
I will say again that if you have the opportunity to buy this book, do it.

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(2) YOU

Did I Mention I Love You is the first book in the "YOU" trilogy, which follows the lives of Eden Munro and Tyler Bruce as they try to find their way in an increasingly confusing world.

The trilogy consists of:

(1) Did i mention i love you
(2) Did i mention i need you
(3) Did i mention i miss you

The books were written by the author Estelle Maskame, a seventeen-year-old Scottish girl.

A regular Oregon girl.
A trip to Los Angeles to meet his father's new family.
A troublesome and very attractive stepbrother.
Many tensions and a desperately irrational love.

This trilogy tells the love story between the young Eden Munro and her stepbrother Tyler Bruce. In the course of the first book you can see how Eden adapts to a world that clearly does not seem to be his, starts friendships between them Tyler's sticky girlfriend, the boy's friends and there are secrets, lies and a lot of drama. But how can Eden keep your feelings under control? And can she ever figure out the truth about Tyler?

The first book is quite engaging, you can not stop reading until you realize you finished it. As I said at the beginning I'm still reading the trilogy and so far nothing has displeased me.

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That's it, I hope you like it.
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That's it, see you soon.