i thought i was over you, i really did thought i was finally happy until i saw you hugging her and holding her hand and kissing her. how can you have moved on so fast from someone you loved. but, i mean, i'm happy for you, i'm happy you could find someone that makes you happier than me. ever since you met her you stopped taking drugs, you stopped drinking and you're on your way to stop smoking. i'm glad she was able to make you stop, someone had to make you understand. honestly you look so much happier now and i'm sorry it couldn't be me. even though i'm happy for you it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt because it does. every inch of my heart hurts, but i got through it once and i'm gonna get through it twice. it just gonna take more time but it's hard because i have to see you every day with that girl and she's so pretty, she's skinnier, she's taller and i keep comparing myself to her and it's not good.