When I started college I also started writing out monthly intentions. I began doing this because I have always struggled with goal setting. I go through these periods of ambition where I want to tackle the world and adopt all these wonderful habits. However, I never followed through with them. Monthly intentions are my way of breaking down all my goals and aspirations. It allows me to go all in on a few simple habits and really reflect on how those are impacting my life. After some trial and error I figured out a system for establishing my monthly intentions and I want to start sharing those with all of you. I hope that this inspires you to create some intentions of your own.

How I Choose What My Intentions are Going to Be
When a new month is approaching I will grab my journal write down all of my habits, dreams, goals, and worries. etc. Basically I do a good brain dump of all the things wandering around in my mind. After I really clear my head I will reread each thing I wrote down. I will highlight things that are especially apparent at that time. The most important thing is that I will look for themes. What am I really worrying about right now? Where am I at this time in my life? What things are most important to me?

For this particular month my theme is simplicity. When I looked through my list I discovered that a lot of my stress was coming from clutter: mental and physical clutter. So I picked four things to focus on that will help me eliminate some of the clutter in my life. Essentially, I want to start living a simpler lifestyle and the intentions that I chose will help me get there. After I establish my intentions I find a quote that sums up all of my individual intentions. The quote is my favorite part because it reminds me of the big picture. Then I write it out and hang it up on my bulletin board so I am reminded of my intentions everyday.

It is important to note that I do not always have the same amount of intentions. Maybe there is one thing that is really bothering me and needs more of my attention, then perhaps I will only establish that one intention. Maybe I didn't do a good job of keeping up with my intentions during the previous month and I want to focus on those again. It is also perfectly okay if an intention did not work the way you expected it too. The intentions you set that truly add value to your lifestyle will stay with you. For instance, one of my August intentions was to adopt a meatless monday mentality. I did not reestablish meatless monday's as a part of my intentions for this month, but I still participate in them. Sometimes monthly intentions will be temporary goals or challenges, but often they turn into a permanent lifestyle habit. It may take more than one month for that to happen and that is perfectly okay.

So without further ado here are my intentions for this month

My November Intentions

1. No Makeup Sundays
2. Meditate Everyday
3. No Unnecessary Spending
4. Spend More Time With the Girls

"Care less about what you own. Care more about how you live"

Like I said, I am going to start posting my intentions every month. I hope you found some value in this post and if you do create monthly intentions feel free to share them with me! I am always looking for inspiration.

With love,