i never thought my last article would get more than 5 hearts or that anyone would read it but since y´all liked it somehow i´m back at it again.
I don`t really know how i wrote that much last night. well it´s probably because it was 4am and i had nothing else to do than to test this "new" function.

sad, Late, and quotes image
i wasn´t sad, i just had some deep thoughts which smh made me sad so this images suits good

sometimes i ask myself why all the good conversation happen to be after 12am.
I mean what´s so different about a conversation at 3pm and 3am?
Is it because the sun fills your head with happy thoughts and the moon fills your head with deep thoughts? or is it because you are too busy and think about what you gotta do next instead of what are you doing right now in this very moment?
or is it because every human being is programmed to talk about their real feelings late night?

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i think the reason behind that is, that in the noon we are all busy trying to get our live together and doing things everyone expects us to do and when the sun goes down, all the stress and superficial thoughts go down and when the moon rises, our thoughts, our real selves come out and that´s why everything is more beautiful at night.