What is Love?
In my eyes love is caring, healing and sharing.
Love is hope, a power that lives in everyone.
Love is powerful and has many different sides to it.

Love can hurt but love can also feel just right.
Love can be difficult but also easy.
Love is a word, a meaning, a feeling...

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Everyone expresses love in their own way. You can love food, your dog, your latest favorite tv-show or just your love.

Love is loving someone who means the world to you, at least that's what I think about when I hear the word love.

When I think of love I think of you.
I think of your clear blue eyes, your eyes.

I Always find peace in your eyes.
When I look at them, I feel like home, I feel like I can look into your precious soul.
When you laugh, your eyes are smaller, but they stay as blue as before. They say that a body can change and your skin will age, but the eyes are the only things that will never change at the outside.

I just love how your eyes appear smaller when you laugh because of my silly jokes and awkwardness.
You accept that I'm awkward. I know that my humor is horrendous but you still laugh, like your the only one who understands my little silly world.
You accept who I was, who I am and who I wanna be.

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You understand me in any kind of way.
What kind of a drama queen I may be, you understand why I'm making such a problem out of a stupid little thing.
You know how I think and how my weird puzzle of a brain is made.

You Listen to me when I'm sad or when I'm upset.
You're a good listener and you can give your own meaning of the situation which I'm thankful for.
You want me to be happy, so you listen and you don't always have to talk back, you just listen and that's enough for me.

But your voice is also a thing that lights up my day.
Your sweet voice with that little crack is the most beautiful sound and I can't imagine living without it. When I'm not with you I just wanna call you just to hear that familiar voice which gives me butterflies in my stomach and make my day even better.

I also love the moments when you tease me.
I find it kinda annoying at that very moment but this is the you I love. The you who teases me all day long whether you tickle me or just act like your mad.
Or the moments where you scare me are the funniest and I never wanna get rid of these tease moments.

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Then there are your arms. I know this sounds silly but gosh I love your arms around me.
I think your the best hugger in the world! Your hugs are warm, gentle and feel like home. I love the way you hold me and how these arms can make my world around me fade away like there's only you and me.

I adore how you can be so protective.
not just over me but over everyone else.
You care about the world and about your family.
Everyone who knows you needs to be glad to have you in their life, at least I am and I'm so thankful for these moments you were protective and not only just over me.

I'm so thankful about how you've boosted my confidence.
I don't know how you do it over and over again.
When I'm low and I don't really "like" myself, you Always know a way to boost my confidence again. When I look back at how and who I was before I met you and now... wow that's totally different.

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I also admire how you can get along with anyone.
Your so social and you love making new friends.
That's so special about you, you know how to get along with someone and you get along so quickly. I sometimes wish I were you so I could talk to some stranger at school if I feel lonely.

Then there's this smile, your smile.
I love it so much, even the smallest grin or smile is something that makes my heart beat faster.
I can stare at your smile all day till it gets too awkward.

I love your ideas and your fantasy.
You sometimes come with the weirdest or coolest idea and I wish I had that much inspiration, your my idol if it comes to inspiration and looking for ideas.
You go up in them so fast till it becomes your goal even though you're someone who actually gives up very easily.

You're just precious to me in any kind of way. You're different but in a good way and I'm so glad I've met you.
Not everyone finds their "lover" at a young age. Three years together and after all this time... I still love you so much.

You saved me.
You cared for me.
You love me
and I will never stop loving you.

X Myrthe

october 2 2017