1. waves - dean lewis

dean lewis image quote, waves, and dean lewis image

2. don't fill up on chips - the front bottoms

the front bottoms, tfb, and brian sella image band, edit, and music image

3. bae - the front bottoms

brian, brian sella, and ciaran image Lyrics, the front bottoms, and tfb image

4. you used to say - the front bottoms

aesthetic, band, and music image aesthetic, band, and twin size mattress image

5. dream - bishop briggs

bishop, briggs, and bishopbriggs image bishop briggs image

6. miley - swmrs

Inspiring Image on We Heart It grunge, miley cyrus, and punk image

7. silver [acoustic] - waterparks

awsten knight, otto wood, and waterparks image emo, waterparks, and geoff wigington image

8. giants [acoustic] - lights

lights, redhead, and Tattoos image comic, lights, and giants image

9. somewhere only we know - miki ratsula

somewhere, exit, and quotes image keane, somewhere only we know, and hopes and fears image

10. two hearts - marco solo and adaline

rain, city, and article image girl, cozy, and bed image