It was holiday and since it's always summer all the time in my country, I prefer to call every holiday as summer holiday.
This time, I went to Sabang Island with my family. Sabang is one of the island in Indonesia. It's a small island and surrounded by sea, so yeah beach time!

I went there by plane to Banda Aceh and then continued with ferry to Sabang

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The weather was nice at the beginning, but it was upside down in the ferry. I was glad I didn't choose direct flight to Sabang, I heard from the locals that all of the direct flight were cancelled because of the bad weather.

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I felt sea sick because of the weather.

I spent four days and three nights. Of course, beach everyday!

Image by 23lifes Image by 23lifes
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Messy hair? Don't care!
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This is one of my favourite photo