Hi, I don't consider myself talented in writing so, don't judge me.

Becoming a cold hearted person wasn't really what I planned to do with my life, but here I am. It was my only way to protect myself and it worked, people can't hurt you if you don't care.
But pushing everyone away was wrong, one day I woke up and I was so lonly, I couldn't even understand how I get here. Yes it was my choice but I had to..
I felt so empty for so long that when I wanted to feel something, anything, I just couldn't.
That was when I knew that feelings, loving and caring are not a bad thing, and pain is what makes us alive.
We lead ourselfs on to believe that being cold hearted makes us strong, well it doesn't, we need people in our lives to love and support us, to accept us even when we can't accept ourselves.
Acting that you don't care, that nothing bothers you when you're dying inside, burying the pain inside of you and ignore itn is hard. But facing your feeling is harder...
Please don't stop loving and caring, let others know how much you love them, take risks, laugh, cry if you need to. And don't ever be ashamed of your pain. Stop creating scenarios in your mind and building it into somthing it isn't, something it never was, even if you get rejected at least you know you tried.
You konw maybe we need to stop passing the blame, maybe we break our own hearts.
Love, be strong and don't expect a lot from others.. Because you're going to have to save yourself.